Remote Support

Welcome to the Grand Rapids Tech remote support portal. We proudly offer remote services to clients that need a fast resolution to their tech needs!

If you’re not already on the line with a technician, please contact support here:

Step 1: Download the Grand Rapids Tech Support File.

Grand Rapids Tech Remote Support

Grand Rapids Tech Support

Step 2: Run the downloaded installation file.

Launch the downloaded installation file. Accept the license terms and conditions.

Upon running the download file, you will be asked to accept the license terms and conditions. Check the acceptance box and click Install.

Remote Support Installation

The installation will continue. This may take a few minutes.

Remote Support installation complete!

Once the installer is complete. Click the Launch button and the application will launch in a few seconds.

Step 3: Launch the App.

Grand Rapids Tech Remote Support

The first time you launch the support app, the Windows Firewall will prompt you for access. Click the Allow Access button.

Allow Remote Access - Give your technician the ID and Password to begin your session!

After the application has finished launching, you will need to give your IT support technician the My ITarian ID and the Password on the screen to begin your session.